Voodoo Realm, Established in 2016 but formulated much earlier, was the product of the life experiences, travels and encounters of its founder. The brands developer, Kim Ferrie, was in a rut on another project while travelling through South-East Asia and Africa. Becoming more and more frustrated with constant road-blocks the Idea of Voodoo Realm and the embodiment of a fictitious creature overcoming great odds and constant hurdles to bring a quality product to the world came flooding in.  There is, however, a great deal more that goes into a brand than just an idea.
The whole idea of Voodoo Realm was planned and detailed on a bus tour headed back to Marrakech from the Sahara Desert. After the brands identity had been created it was time to put in the ground work and watch it come to life. Traveling from country to country and taking in the experiences of so many exotic places was channelled into the development of the brand. Creating and designing was all completed on a laptop mostly with a beer in hand after a surf or just hanging around good people with some inspirational music playing. When the juices were flowing the screen would come to life and when there was a mental block the 3DS would come out and a few hours would be put into The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask or a deck of cards would magically appear and the drinking games would begin for the night. This seemed to be the perfect remedy for a cluttered mind and enabled development to continue.
“The ‘Voodoo Realm’ is that place that is full of excitement and great times, though often it requires you to push yourself to reach it. Getting there can be easy and simultaneously incredibly difficult. All it takes is to ‘Step into the Void’”.
Kim Ferrie: Director & Founder